Will Frasers Solar Farm affect nearby property values?

Solar farms are not known to impact property values, either positively or negatively. They are quiet and safe to run, they provide energy security for the local area and their visual impact can be managed through appropriate vegetative screening.

Will the solar farm boost the local economy?

The project will positively impact local employment, through the provision of approximately 250 direct and indirect jobs during the approximate 12 month construction phase and four permanent jobs once in operation. The employment benefits extend through the local supply chain to mechanics, cleaners, plant nurseries, clothing retailers, caterers, hospitality providers, tool and equipment suppliers and a range of other businesses.

How will the project benefit the community?

South Energy is committed to providing support to the local community via benefit sharing programs that help address the region’s key social, economic and environmental needs. At this stage, there are no plans for community ownership, however, South Energy is committed to providing a community fund.