About South Energy

South Energy is an emerging Australian renewable energy developer. We are committed to building a sustainable and greener Australia for current and future generations. With operations across the states, we collaborate with land owners, communities and industry leaders in developing projects and delivering sustainable clean energy solutions.

South Energy has Victoria’s largest pipeline for solar farm development, with five projects in planning in the state and a further two in Western Australia. These include:

Campbells Forest Solar Farm, 200 MW
Goorambat Solar Farm, 75 MW
Kennedys Creek Solar Farm, 145 MW
West Mokoan Solar Farm, 190 MW
Frasers Solar Farm, 75 MW

Western Australia:
Benger Solar Farm, 100 MW
Waroona Solar Farm, 180 MW



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Raywood Solar Farm

Located in Victoria’s Loddon Shire, the Raywood Solar Farm is a utility-scale renewable energy project that covers about 360 hectares of land.
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Goorambat Solar Farm

Covering approximately 130 hectares of farmland, Goorambat Solar Farm is a utility-scale renewable energy project that is located within a short distance to the main township of Goorambat, Victoria.